The Art of Bespoke

Your home is as individual as you and many people struggle to find exactly what they are looking for in the marketplace. Bespoke is still the treasured core of our business and we relish the creativity involved in conceiving and bringing into existence individual pieces of stunning furniture, both free-standing and fitted.  We work closely with private clients and a range of world-class interior designers and architects to create our shared visions.   To see more of our bespoke work, please visit

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We made it - this post is a few days late but we did make it live with the shopping website before the end of January. Target met then. Now to get it searching well, linked to various other places such as Houzz, get some reviews - and to sell some mirrors and benches etc!

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Paul Case Furniture on line shop - it's overdue!

January 2016 and it is high time we started making and selling more than 1 of each item of the lovely furniture we make. Bespoke furniture is fantastically creative but it does sometime feel like you are reinventing the wheel for the sake of it!! So today is the 14th January - we have a quite a lot of the product information build on the website but there is still a lot to do before we can switch on our new on-line selling platform ..... nothing like a deadline so we WILL be live by the end of January!

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